Server Co-Location Options

Advantages of Server Colocation

Colocation is the service of keeping your server, or renting a server inside our data center. Our data center provides a secure environment for your hardware and allows you to connect to the server from virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Many companies have turned to co-location centers because it reduces the amount of cost that goes into hiring IT personnel. And because we have our data center inside our offices in Daytona Beach, we are able to offer a lower rate in case you ever need us to do a repair. Typically, repairs can be done for 17% lower than our onsite rate.

Our staff in Daytona Beach has experience on Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems — we are to help if you need it!

Added Comfort

Rest assured knowing that multiple fiber optic high speed connections running to our data centers at all times. This creates redundancy and decreases the likelihood of being completely “down”. Our data center is cooled by multiple air conditioning units which makes your servers run happy. Power is not an obstacle due to our diesel-powered backup generators that supply power to your server moments after an outage.

Pricing Options

All of our pricing information can be found here.