What is Shared Hosting?

Advantages of using Shared Hosting

Many of our customers enjoy the experience of shared hosting because it doesn’t require any administration on their part. We are fully responsible for maintaining the server and you are there to simply upload your files to it. This is probably the most ideal situation for those that are brand new to websites and hosting in general. It’s affordable and can easily be scaled at a later time if needed.

Shared hosting is our entry-level plan and is our most affordable, but it includes the ability to login to a control panel if you need to add email addresses, FTP accounts, and anything else that has been enabled for your hosting package.

Our staff in Daytona Beach, FL. works around the clock to manage your server, upgrade server software, security updates, and other aspects of maintenance. We use some of the most robust and stable operating systems available to ensure fast speeds, phenomenal up time, and amazing security.

Disadvantages of using Shared Hosting

For the technically inclined we’d like to shed some light on what you’re not getting with shared hosting. Those requiring an e-commerce site must have their own IP address for security reasons. Our shared hosting packages share the same IP address which means you must upgrade to a better package in order to host a more advanced site.

Resources can become scarce depending on traffic spikes, and most of us know the internet is unpredictable at times, and you never know if someone on your server might get a traffic spike. We do the best we can to ensure that your site stays online, but we cannot guarantee speeds when resources are being consumed by other customers. Our suggestion is to consider a virtual server where we can allocate resources to your site consistently at all times no matter what someone else might be experiencing on their site.

Pricing Options

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